Successful Relationships Reading Corner

Successful Relationships Reading Corner

This week, we wrote that spreading peace requires being peaceful. Here are some articles on attaining inner peace and how that can impact the greater community.

Inner Peace Is The Key For World Peace “Inner peace is the key for world peace. You cannot have world peace with individuals who are boiling from the inside ready to explode. If such people are at the helm of affairs then not only the person explodes, but the countries and communities explode.”

Inner Peace as a Contribution to Human Flourishing: A New Scale Developed from Ancient Wisdom “Although philosophers and theologians have emphasized the centrality of inner peace for the good life, this concept has not generally been included in research on human flourishing. The authors argue that inner peace contributes to a more complete form of flourishing for both religious and secular people.”

Basic Meditation Technique for Inner Peace “The sharing of loving kindness is something we can do every day, both before and after daily meditation. A brief period before meditating softens and broadens our minds. The sharing of loving kindness as such helps improve our meditation experience. Sharing loving kindness after meditation spreads the purity of our meditated minds throughout ourselves first, then subsequently towards others.”

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