Successful Relationships Reading Corner

Successful Relationships Reading Corner

This week, we wrote about why little things like thank you are important in relationships. Here are some blog posts that delve into this topic and give many examples.

When It Comes to Love, Little Things Mean a Lot “We’ve heard it before but it’s true: It’s the little things that matter. In any genuine long-term loving relationship, we (correctly) give a greater romantic weight to the small gestures that show us evidence of love beyond the brief time spent in sex. There are those who specialize in one-off grand romantic gestures: giving diamonds, whisking their lover abroad, or taking them for lavish dinners at fancy restaurants. However, those actions mainly express a momentary mood and not enduring, profound love.”

The Little Things in Relationships That Matter the Most “When we think of love and happy relationships, it’s often the big occasions and grand gestures that come to mind. Celebrating occasions like birthdays and anniversaries with one’s partner can be fun and exciting. Performing grand romantic gestures like gifting them something expensive, whisking them off on holiday, or treating them to a fancy meal can surprise and delight them. However, in long-term relationships, it’s often the little things that matter most. The small, everyday acts of caring and the simple but sincere words of love and support can play a big part in ensuring happiness and well-being.”

Why the Little Things in a Relationship Mean Everything “Grand gestures of love can bring surprise and joy to your partner, but the little things in relationships may consistently strengthen your bond and increase emotional security. Would you prefer having your partner gift you a new car or show you one small act of affection and thoughtfulness daily? For many people, daily affirmations and acts of love and caring mean more than a singular, grand gesture. The little things in relationships can be constant reminders that your partner thinks of you and cares about you.”

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