Successful Relationships Reading Corner

Successful Relationships Reading Corner

This week, we wrote about how trust and peace go hand in hand in your relationships. Here are some other writings on the topic.

Why Trust Matters in Relationships and Marriage “Trust is a valuable asset in every relationship. It is the cornerstone that shapes an individual’s ability to engage in a happy relationship. Trust provides the comfort in a relationship where two people can learn to count on each other.”

The Foundation of Trust: Why It Matters in a Relationship “Trust is about being able to be vulnerable with someone and feel safe, even when that vulnerability is uncomfortable. Trust means that I don’t need to act defensively to protect myself because, well, there is no attack. Trust spends a lot of time with that unconditional love we all hear so much about because trust means we are wholly accepted for who we are.”

Why Is Trust Important in a Relationship? “Trust is critical to a happy, healthy, romantic relationship. So, why is trust important in a relationship? It provides comfort and allows partners to count on each other. That’s because trust and other components of a relationship, such as honesty, vulnerability, and open communication, go hand in hand.”

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