Successful Relationships Reading Corner

Successful Relationships Reading Corner

In this week’s blog we wrote about making lists and keeping score. These articles have some amusing anecdotes about this.

Do You Keep Score in Your Relationships? “You and your partner just argued for the umpteenth time about whose turn it is to walk the dog:
“I walked her twice yesterday,” you point out.
“And I walked her for three days last week,” your partner retorts.
“Well,” you counter, “I took the kids to the doctor on Tuesday.”
And so it goes. You and your partner seem to be endlessly keeping a tally on who did what for whom, when, and at what cost of time and effort.”

Kindness and Keeping Score “A few years ago, seated around a luncheon table at a business meeting, I tuned into a conversation among my table-mates. A woman whom I knew only barely was describing with unconcealed pride the electronic filing system she had created some years before to track Christmas cards. She described an elaborate program which maintained both a database of names and addresses, and a spreadsheet.”

Why ‘Keeping Score’ Ruins Relationships (And How To Stop NOW) “‘Some view relationships as a bank account. It is an interesting analogy, but it is inherently flawed as it is hard to quantify deposits and withdrawals,’ says…Laurel House. How do you value and therefore quantify the difference between deposits that are financial, emotional, or time and effort-oriented? ‘If this in in fact the measure that both partners in the relationship agree on, yet the weight of each type of deposit or withdrawal is not defined, it’s easy to feel like there is an imbalance as one person in inevitably always going to feel as though they are the one making the greater contribution,’ says House. Obviously, this causes resentment.”

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