Month: June 2012

Chance or Choice?

Sometimes I think that we put out such a strong message of how well we relate that people are discouraged and think that we are lucky to be so specially matched.
But it’s not what we are, what lottery tickets we have drawn, so much as what we do.
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The 100% Factor: The Transformative Moment in a Relationship

There are many factors to success in a relationship. Is there a critical moment, an event, a choice that makes things work? We have found that there is just such a transformative moment.
In our relationship, our move towards this followed a typical pattern.
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My New Article on Relationships

I’m excited to have just published a new article. I’d love your feedback and your comment if you enjoy it.
You can find it here.
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Wavy Gravy Spreads Peace in the World

Well I’m feeling particularly uplifted today after having watched the Wavy Gravy video – Saint Misbehavin’. Wavy Gravy is a truly inspiring guy, who has found a personal and unique way of doing service and spreading peace in the world. As those of you who have read our book know, our goal is “to be part of spreading peace on Earth between people.” p.
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Learning to Be Together

We were talking last night, as we often do, about the ease between us. Whether going out, planning the day, working together or relaxing, there is a fluidity, a way of effortlessly choosing a path that works for both of us.
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