Month: January 2015

Conversations between Phil and Maude

I’ve been re reading a bunch of our blogs as we work on our new book. In the new book, we share more of how within your own relationships to have the experiences we talk about. I can see the seeds of that in this conversations we had.
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Excerpt from “Conversations with Phil and Maude”

As we work on our new book, I have been looking at some of our conversations. We have been writing back and forth to each other about relationships and our relationship for years. I’m going to share some of our “Conversations”.
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Sex is New Each Time

When we come together sexually, we are open to each other. Nothing is hidden, nothing needs to be protected. We pay attention to the other’s sexual energy as much as we do our own.
By such openness, we are also present, and by being present, we focus not on the future and what path the sexual encounter might take, but instead on the sexuality before us.
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