How to Spread Peace Through Your Relationship

How to Spread Peace Through Your Relationship

Here we are in a season where women and men all over the world are celebrating, each in their respective ways, the desire for unity, peace, joy and love to spread and be manifest on our world between all peoples.

Simultaneously, we are living in a tumultuous and divisive time where many are suffering, sides are being rigidly defined, and people seem to be at a loss as to how to find their way to each other again. This is happening within families, communities and nations.

We, Maude and Phil, see this as the very time when our vision is most needed. We are promoting a simple and very attainable idea: Spread Peace One Relationship at a Time!

This is not a concept created in the mind that we have invented. This is a living reality; one that we experience and one we know can be learned, shared and spread.

Our story is a simple one. We live in a deep state of peace, both in our relationship and within ourselves. We have found that there are specific components of this state of peace and that they can be applied, not just to couples, but to all forms of relationships.

Yet people live on edge as if the world is a dangerous place. The evening news diet of murders, food recalls and immigrant invasions encourages this, grabbing your attention by relying on easily triggered fear responses.

Fear is definitely useful when you meet a bear in the woods, but in much of life, it is an unnecessary handicap from the past. Nowhere is this more true than in your relationship. A partnership should be cooperation, not competition. It can bring a state of great joy, deep security and an ever decreasing element of fear into your life.

We are promoting a simple, attainable idea: Spread Peace One Relationship at a Time! Click To TweetIt is the direction that all people yearn for; one of harmony with ourselves and with what is.

Some time ago, Phil created to find out how many people would like to see world peace. Online polls are notoriously unreliable, but even including some commercial spammers who said no, the figure is still at 93%.

More recently, We have been thinking about how the cooperative nature of humans vastly outweighs their competitive aspect. (We wrote about this in a recent blog.) Test this out for yourself by listing 100 people you know well and counting how many of them would cooperate with you and how many are your competition.

We are all social creatures, and no matter what propaganda may be trying to spread concerning our differences, we are at heart all very similar. We want to be connected, we want to laugh and grow, be understood and feel accepted and loved. We all want to live in peace. Look around you. Is this not true of the people you know directly?

So how to do it? Start with yourself. Get to know yourself so you can express and share in a direct and clear manner what your wants and needs are. (We are suggesting gaining self-knowledge, not becoming self-preoccupied.) Then move to your partners and lovers, your intimate relationships, your social relationships, your community, your nation, the people of the world.

Yes, the world. We can change the world one relationship at a time by becoming practitioners of peace, recipients of the grace of peace, and people who share and create peace as we pass by. This does not imply that we will achieve perfection in living this out or that this is not a long process. Let’s all keep trying, keep the goal clearly in mind, acknowledge its attainability, do all we can and then learn to do more.

As we grow in life and experience, we all long for meaning and opportunities to be of service. This is our true nature and our underlying raison d’être. Won’t you join us in becoming an ambassador of peace by being a living example of what that is, and devoting yourself to shining it forth, thereby spreading peace one relationship at a time.

Happy Peace to One and All!

Photo credit: Andy Samarasena, Studio SB

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3 Comments on “How to Spread Peace Through Your Relationship

  1. Ahh, what an outstanding post. I cannot possibly be in more complete agreement with every word here — yes, of course we can change the world, it’s not just a college-age vigilante’s dream! In my opinion, the Most important part of this message is that it doesn’t start with anything outside of my own skin. That old, misbegotten habit — of forgetting to begin at “1” — is just that; like constantly forgetting there’s a mirror in my face at all times.

    Merry merry merry Christmas and endless laughter to you both!

    • Dearest Lynelle,
      Indeed the easiest thing to forget is that it always starts with ourselves and spreads out from that point – we need to to grow and then know ourselves, and share from that place of inner peace.
      thank you for your feedback and your holiday wishes. May you experience peace directly in your relationships and within yourself!
      with high regard

  2. Catherine Abby Rich
    Thank you, Phil & Maude!
    The gift of your inspiring words is specialty-wrapped in Phil’s wonderful accent & voice.
    love Catherine

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