Make All Your Relationships a Way to Spread Peace

Make All Your Relationships a Way to Spread Peace

We notice that sometimes when someone’s relationship breaks up, or they are not in a partnership for a long time, they unsubscribe to our newsletter or stop reading it. So we are taking a look today at that mindset and the issues it may encompass.

Is our path for everybody? How can you use the information we share, whether you are happy or sad, in a partnership or not, struggling through the pain of a breakup or betrayal, or celebrating the passion and support of a mate?

It might seem that we write about relationship, relationship, relationship, yet part of that, of course, involves you as an individual, the act of knowing and growing yourself. What we’re writing about applies to every relationship from family to friends to fleeting contacts.

There is a possibility of meaningful human contact with everyone. There are so often barriers that block this connection, but remove one of them – yours – and sharing is that much more possible. Do this by listening. Hear what they are saying. Their concerns. Their fears. Their needs. Their dreams. Take yourself out of the picture and see them as a character in a movie. Even if they put up a barrier, you can still listen to who they are behind it.

Do you approach everyone with the same love and caring as you would a partner? #relationships #peace Share on XWe’ve written about core values and how important it is for them to align, so you might think that rules out the possibility of connecting with a large swath of people, but no, you share some basic things with everyone – your humanity and your survival needs. On a physical level, these needs are things like food, shelter, contact, and love. On a mental or emotional level, we crave acceptance, acknowledgment, appreciation and love. On a spirit level, we need peace and love. You have lots in common. Why do people talk about the weather with strangers? (I’m looking at you, Brits.) Because it is a shared experience; it’s raining on both of you at the same time.

Look at your relationships. Look at everyone you know. Do you approach them with the same love and caring as you would a partner? Can you apply our process to finding mutual solutions and decision making in those relationships? Would active listening and being fully present enrich your exchanges with them? Do you approach everyone with the awareness of the potential sacred nature of these communications?

As you learn to know and grow yourself and as you apply this consciousness to your daily interactions, you have an opportunity to experience and spread peace, to learn how to view other personalities as related to you, as fellow travelers in the same family.

So we say again to all of you, we experience peace and a lack of conflict in our relationship. We experience love, passion and creativity. We experience support and comfort and ease which underpin our journey in the world of challenge and adversity. Such things really exist. We state this from direct knowing, and we suggest that the strength and sustenance we get from our relationship can also be found in all relationships. We, as always, invite you to come along with us on this journey. By so doing, you will be spreading peace in the world, one relationship at a time.

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    • Hi Samantha, Thanks! We are convinced that as we develop awareness of relationships and the potential to have a true experience of peace within our relationships, that we are participating in remaking the world, one relationship at a time.

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