Successful Relationships Reading Corner

Successful Relationships Reading Corner

We wrote in this week’s blog on what peace is and how to spread it. We have some great links about personal and world peace this week, starting with a video from Martin Hellman.

Creating true love at home & peace on the planet TEDx “Our marriage became a laboratory where we learned how to resolve seemingly unfathomable differences through holistic thinking and compassion. Working on global issues proved critical to bringing magic back into our marriage, and truly loving personal relationships provide the model for a peaceful, sustainable planet.”

What if the Key to World Peace is Your Personal Relationship to Your Body? “Peace is a way of being, not a way of thinking. It’s an action, not an idea. You can think you want peace all day long, but if you’re waging war against your own impulses, habits and desires, or even worse, against the very essence of who you are, then your actions are violent and you’re living in battle mode. That’s not to say that you should give in to every habit you’ve formed or act on every desire and impulse that arises. Peace is not submission. Peace is acknowledgement, dialogue, and a willingness to be transformed.”

5 Easy Ways You Can Create World Peace “The stream of violent stories coming from your daily news feed is enough to make you want to bury your head under your pillow. Wake me up when it’s over! But why should the noise from some misguided souls get to determine your worldview? The time has come for the rest of us—who are committed to creating a peaceful world—to make some noise. The message of non-violence can be lived and demonstrated through our presence and actions. It’s easy for the mind to get fixated on negative news; but in reality acts of love, kindness and generosity far exceed acts borne of misunderstanding and distrust.”

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