Successful Relationships Reading Corner

Successful Relationships Reading Corner

In this week’s blog, we wrote about how to balance structure and flow in your relationship. Here are two articles that make a good case for being flexible in your life and relationships, and one about how to set joint goals.

Why We Should All Give Up On Goals Already “To be successful or fulfilled, we all know you need to have specific goals. To achieve them, you should visualise, plan your steps there and attach deadlines and incentives. Work hard, even if you hate the work. And never stray from the path. But that outlook, say a growing number of academic researchers, career coaches and thought leaders, isn’t only flawed; it may also, ironically, be keeping us from success.”

Optimize your life for productivity and flexibility “I’m talking about flexibility of course, and in this article I will focus on how to develop and keep flexibility in personal life as the ultimate competitive advantage. If you aren’t flexible by nature, this article is a must read. Think about what happened to the dinosaurs only because they weren’t flexible enough.”

The guide to relationship goal setting “When it comes to New Year goals and your relationship there are two considerations. Firstly, setting personal goals often involves considering your romantic partner and whether your goal is going to require any involvement or support from them. Secondly, it can be worthwhile to use the New Year period to set some shared goals as well. Here are some tips for discussing and setting goals as a couple.”

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