Successful Relationships Reading Corner

Successful Relationships Reading Corner

This week, we blogged about how to practice peace within your relationships. Here are some articles with thoughts on peace and relationships.

How to Attract Peaceful & Nurturing Relationships “I used to think relationships had to always be hard. Full of strife, jealousy and distrust. Subject to harsh words, crossing the line, anger and resentment. And I found myself in relationship after relationship, whether friendship or romantic, that only confirmed this. I was convinced I would always have to either suffer in silence or fight for myself. Fight to be heard, fight to escape control, fight to be seen for who I am…. I wanted peace. I wanted understanding. I wanted my relationships to feel calm, nurturing and, most of all, respectful.”

Love Relationships Are a Pocket of Peace “Finding, developing and securing a real partnership is one of the most fundamental endeavors in life. According to Paul C. Brunson, matchmaking guru and bestselling author of It’s Complicated (But Doesn’t Have to Be), creating a fulfilling bond is not so much about the quantity of the relationship as it is about the quality: ‘There is an over-emphasis on the length of a relationship being the most important metric of success,’ he states, adding eloquently, ‘The quintessential measure of success of any true relationship is the amount of selflessness each party has contributed.'”

Why Nothing Is More Exciting for Romance Than Calm “Emotions are often compared to storms and fire: They are unstable, intense states that signify passionate excitement and agitation. This characterization also prevails in descriptions of romantic love. We think ideal love consists of constant excitement and uncompromising emotions, that love knows no varying degrees and never has to compromise. The above characterizations are essentially true concerning a specific type of emotions—intense, focused emotions, which typically last for a brief period. Change cannot persist for long; the human system soon accepts the change as a normal, stable situation and adjusts. But there are also enduring emotions, which can continue for a lifetime.”

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