Successful Relationships Reading Corner

Successful Relationships Reading Corner

This week, we wrote about supporting the growth of the other person in your relationship. This sounds obvious but proves to be a challenge for many people. Here are some articles that may help with this.

Partner Power: Supportive Relationships Linked To Personal Development “Your romantic partner can be a source of encouragement or discouragement and whether they uplift you or deflate you can determine what you achieve in life. New research also suggests that if you have a partner that is supportive, you are more likely to take advantage of opportunities for personal growth that come your way (Feeney et al. 2017). On the other hand, if your partner is not so supportive of you in your relationship, you are more likely to forgo opportunities for personal growth.”

11 Ways To Be Independent In A Romantic Relationship, No Matter What “It’s very important to have independence in a relationship. Successful, healthy relationships allow for the both people to form a bond which lets them to not only grow together but also to grow independently as people. It’s essential to have your own sense of autonomy while feeling you can depend on each other.”

How to Build a Relationship Based on Interdependence “Interdependence suggests that partners recognize and value the importance of the emotional bond they share while maintaining a solid sense of self within the relationship dynamic. An interdependent person recognizes the value of vulnerability, being able to turn to their partner in meaningful ways to create emotional intimacy. They also value a sense of self that allows them and their partner to be themselves without any need to compromise who they are or their values system.”

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