Successful Relationships Reading Corner

Successful Relationships Reading Corner

In our blog this week, we said that positive words are powerful for your relationship. Here are some other writers talking about the effects that words have.

Why Our Words Matter “Words matter. They have the capacity to motivate, inspire and heal. They can also create staggering pain and damage relationships beyond repair. They can entice those we love to draw closer, and they can put up walls that are impossible to climb over. If we wish to nurture our relationships it behooves us to take exquisite care with our words.”

Words Matter “The words we choose matter. Although relationships with others can be complicated and confusing, words give us the ability to express ourselves and connect with others. Words are among the most powerful tools we have available to us.”

Couples In Happier Relationships Say These 7 Words More Often “Anyone can have a happy relationship if they put in the work. Sometimes the small things like what you say to your partner on a day to day basis really matters. Because according to experts and research, couples in happier relationships tend to say certain things to each other more often than everyone else.”

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