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Successful Relationships Reading Corner

In our blog this week, we said that positive words are powerful for your relationship. Here are some other writers talking about the effects that words have.
Why Our Words Matter “Words matter. They have the capacity to motivate, inspire and heal.
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Positive Words Are Powerful for Your Relationship

Pile of dictionaries

Words matter; what we say and how we say it counts. In a recent blog, Phil mentioned the concept of the inner critic from The Artist’s Way, and how we can work with positive affirmations to help reframe what we relate to as reality.
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Words Are as Important as Deeds in a Relationship

What you say in a relationship can be as important as what you do.
Language and words have power and can diffuse a situation or set off a bomb. They can bring about transformative experiences, or cause repetition of the same old negative patterns that tear asunder partnerships.
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