Successful Relationships Reading Corner

Successful Relationships Reading Corner

We wrote this week about how to have challenging conversations with your partner and shared some of our own challenges. Here are some other interesting comments on this topic.

We Have to Talk: A Step-By-Step Checklist for Difficult Conversations “Think of a conversation you’ve been putting off. Got it? Great. Then let’s go. What you have here is a brief synopsis of best practice strategies: a checklist of action items to think about before going into the conversation; some useful concepts to practice during the conversation; and some tips and suggestions to help you stay focused and flowing in general, including possible conversation openings.”

How to Have Difficult Marriage Conversations “Having a difficult talk shows you care enough about your spouse and your marriage to have the conversation. Here are tips and strategies when you have to have that difficult talk — THE talk.”

How To Make Difficult Conversations About Relationship Problems Easier On You Both “Talking about relationship problems with your partner can feel scary, but learning how to have difficult conversations with the person you love is essential if you want your relationship to last.”

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