Successful Relationships Reading Corner

Successful Relationships Reading Corner

In this week’s blog, we stated that you do not always have to struggle in your relationship. Open your minds and your hearts to another way and transform it into one full of calm, peace and joy. You can create a life without hardship and difficulty. Here are some articles to help you.

Conscious Relationships: A Path for Growth and Personal Transformation “A conscious relationship comprises a path for growth and personal transformation that is seen by some as a spiritual calling. The partners in a conscious relationship are committed to the radical practice of love. They are not trying to extract love, approval or security from their partner, but instead seek to behave lovingly toward each other. In conscious relationships, each partner is committed to their own growth and to the growth of their partner over and above maintaining the relationship, per se.”

Use Positive Psychology to Transform Your Relationship in Four Steps “Everlasting love can be more than just something you see in Disney movies – if you master four habits from the field of positive psychology. That’s according to a husband and wife team who’ve spent the last decade researching positive psychology and working on a book trying to distil the secrets to relationship success into bite-size rules. ‘Promoting a healthy (rather than an obsessive) passion, cultivating and prioritising positive emotions, taking time to mindfully savour experiences together, and seeking out strengths in one another.'”

How to Transform Your Love Life Starting Today “Oftentimes, I get asked the following question: What’s one thing someone can do right now to change their dating and love life? A simple question for what is often thought of as a complicated subject. But the truth is, moving your love life forward doesn’t have to be as difficult and daunting as people make it out to be.”

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