Successful Relationships Reading Corner

Successful Relationships Reading Corner

This week, we wrote about why neediness is bad for your relationship. These articles discuss ways to tackle neediness in your relationship.

Who Wants to Be Needy? Six Solutions “In this post, we’ll look at the impact of clinginess and what you can do about it. For this purpose, you’ll need to understand the genesis of dependency issues in an otherwise healthy man or woman. Plus, we’ll examine what it’s like to be clung to. A lot can be done on both sides to make the relationship hum again.”

8 Signs You’re Way Too Emotionally Needy (And How To Fix It) “It’s OK to reach out and ask for help… sometimes. And that’s okay. It’s when you find that you are emotionally needy that takes a toll on relationships and has consequences. Yet, being overly emotionally needy — too demanding, clingy, annoying, fragile — can spell disaster. And that’s why this relationship advice is especially important for couples.”

What Does It Really Mean to Be Needy? “We hear the word “needy” thrown around in conversation all the time. Usually it’s brought up with contempt. Ughhh, she’s so needy. She calls all the time, and wants to know where I am. It’s ridiculous. His neediness is just too much. He wants to spend every single moment together. The details of the conversations might be different. But that doesn’t matter. The message is the same: Needy is not something we want to be. Needy is one of the worst things we can be in a relationship. In our society, neediness is seen as an undesirable trait, a character flaw. But it’s none of these things.”

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