Successful Relationships Reading Corner

Successful Relationships Reading Corner

Our blog this week was about responding with love, not fear. Here are some article written on that topic.

Choosing Love Not Fear “The choice to reject fear and choose love can feel like something that only applies to moments of crisis, when we’re leaving a marriage, starting a new business, preparing to climb Mount Everest. But in truth, the opportunity to choose love and reject fear presents itself in the smallest moments of life, and specifically, in relationships with those closest to us. Love over fear is a choice every time someone tells us something about ourselves or has an experience of us that we don’t want to hear.”

Is Fear What’s Really Blocking You? Choosing Love Over Fear “I talk about ‘choosing love over fear’ a lot. In fact, these words make up one of my favorite daily mantras: I choose to let love in and fear out. It wasn’t always like this though. Before I was ready to dig deep and really look at (or even be aware of) how my inner world shaped my outer world, I would have thought you were a little nutty, if you told me to ‘choose love over fear.'”

Choose Love Not Fear And Discover You ARE Love “I’m sure you’ve heard ‘choose love not fear’ before. You’ll find it within just about any spiritual path you explore. Intuitively, we KNOW we will be far happier if we follow it. However, when we are in the thick of things in our daily lives, it sometimes feels impossible to do. Therefore, I want to share a ‘bridge’ that I’ve discovered to help you choose love (and therefore, happiness).”

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