Successful Relationships Reading Corner

Successful Relationships Reading Corner

This week, we said that you have to believe in a peaceful relationship and intend to have one. Here are some other people on belief and intention, plus a post of our from some time ago with the same message in different words.

The 4 Qualities Of A Conscious Relationship, From A Marriage Therapist “Why do people struggle so hard to make relationships work? Part of the reason is because we’re entering into relationships for the wrong reasons. People find themselves unsatisfied in love because they lack a true purpose for being in it. The antidote? Moving toward what I like to call conscious relationships.”

How to Attract Peaceful & Nurturing Relationships “I remember being in one romantic relationship where the fighting seemed endless. It reflected everything I didn’t want in my life, but it also reflected my subconscious beliefs. Beliefs that relationships can’t ever feel easy, that they had to hurt, that they had to weaken us. Beliefs that I wasn’t good enough to expect something better. I knew it was those beliefs that brought that relationship into my life. Eventually, I just couldn’t take it anymore… I wanted peace. I wanted understanding. I wanted my relationships to feel calm, nurturing and, most of all, respectful.”

Why Are Intention and Belief Important in Relationships? This is a post of ours from 2015 “There are but two simple steps to having a wonderful relationship: believing such a relationship can exist, and intending to have one. It can’t be that simple, you say, or everyone would do it. Well, it is, yet they don’t. Let me explain in more detail.”

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