Successful Relationships Reading Corner

Successful Relationships Reading Corner

This week, we wrote about how to greet the differences in your relationships as blessings. Here are some authors writing about different aspects of this way of approaching people.

The Blessing of Differences in Relationships “Even with such depth of love in their relationship, Isaiah and John-Nuri have big differences. They have used these differences to fuel their relationship, to bring about more depth, and to find the common place of passion in their work together. People sometimes use their differences as an excuse for their lack of closeness. And yet these differences can be a great blessing, and almost force a couple to go to a deeper place where the differences do not exist.”

Multicultural Relationship Advice: Embrace & Celebrate Your Differences! ” If your core values and interests are aligned, if you have respect for one another, and if you demonstrate kindness and compassion toward one another every day, you can create a beautiful life together despite differences. Think of virtually stitching together a colorful patchwork quilt that will represent your multicultural and multinational ideas, experiences and memories.”

Celebrate Your Differences “By seeing your differences as strengths in the relationship and utilizing them to their full potentials, you create synergy within your marriage. When each of you acts with the other in mind by contributing in unique ways, you are improving the overall functioning of the marriage. This makes both of you happier and ensures an effective method for maintaining a successful relationship in the future.”

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