Successful Relationships Reading Corner

Successful Relationships Reading Corner

This week, we asked how hard is it to have harmony in your relationships? It’s not, but many people have been led to believe it is. Here are some articles with suggestion on how you can achieve that harmony.

15 Tips to Build Harmonious Relationships “The key to an affable relationship begins with living harmoniously with yourself. As the saying goes, like attracts like. When we love and value ourselves, we do not put up with toxic partners or friends who seek to tear us down. When we love ourselves, we build bonds with others that mirror our belief that we are worthy.”

Do This to Bring Harmony to Your Relationships “Instead of taking a breath and meeting our own experience when we feel frustrated or hurt, we blame, criticize, fight, manipulate, and spend our precious time rationalizing our opinions to ourselves and everyone around us. We’ve moved away from the solo activity of being present with our experience. The effects? We’re driven to engage when we’re emotionally charged, not calm. (Not a good plan.) And our minds spin in judgment and confusion, trying to make sense of it all. Is this what you really want? Do you want to foster friction and divisiveness—or do you want to meet the people in your life with an open, loving heart and mind?”

5 Daily Principles for Loving & Harmonious Relationships “Radical integrity means you live by a strong moral compass and you are always seeking to do what is in the highest good for everyone involved. Integrity is about pure caring, compassion, and goodness; and your level of integrity is an essential factor in determining whether or not you are trustworthy (and, therefore, if you will attract the same in a partner).”

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