Successful Relationships Reading Corner

Successful Relationships Reading Corner

This week, we asked why a positive attitude is important to reach a successful compromise. Here are some other writers on how to compromise in your relationships.

7 Ways Learning To Compromise Improves All Your Relationships “No matter the resolution of the compromise, make sure you show your appreciation to others involved. Being willing to compromise, instead of fighting until the finish, is an admirable trait. Make sure you show how much you appreciate the other person working with you to find the best solution. Take time to evaluate the solution together and express what you like about it. Being appreciative of the positive social interaction and how working together to find the best solution made you feel.”

Compromise in relationships: 12 secrets to bending instead of breaking “Compromise is an “intermediate state between conflicting alternatives reached by mutual concession. This is the positive side of compromise- when you meet in the middle. The goal is that the compromise is mutually beneficial – that you gain, not lose, through the concession. Each partner should be happy with the outcome.”

Here’s What Compromise Looks Like In A Healthy Relationship “Compromise doesn’t mean you completely agree with your partner or vice versa—it’s healthy to maintain your personal values, beliefs, opinions, and preferences while still meeting halfway. If you’re poking around the internet, you may stumble on reddit relationship advice that’s adamant that compromise is a dirty word, but healthy compromise is simply about finding a balance and bridging the gap so both partners feel heard, understood, and can agree to an effective solution. In the long run, this balance will lead to a healthier relationship and positive growth. In each relationship, both people have to determine how they want to compromise on various issues while staying true to their authentic selves. They can:
– Find a new alternative to the conflicting issue
– Find a solution that blends both people’s preferences
– Find a way for you both to maintain your preference in a peaceable setting”

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