Successful Relationships Reading Corner

Successful Relationships Reading Corner

This week, we wrote about how it helps to remember you’re on the same side in relationships. To our surprise, we could find no articles discussing this, so are listing some of our earlier posts covering this topic.

Why It Is Important To Remember You Are On The Same Side As Your Partner “We often caution you to remember that you and your partner (the same applies to all intimate relationships) are both on the same side. This understanding and a mutual awareness of it are vital to a peaceful loving relationship. And yet, couples rarely talk about this together, and few realize how this simple statement can lift you out of so many of those unnecessary feelings of separation and distance, even feelings of being threatened or attacked.”

Know You are on the Same Side in Your Relationship “In any relationship, there can be a feeling of being on the same side that is quite delicious. It may be no more than the grizzled assistant at the hardware store helping you decide the best way to construct a raised flower bed. He’s not trying to maximize the sale; he’s working with you to find the best approach. Or maybe it’s you and your partner planning the garden or a trip or the blog you write together. Whatever it is, become attuned to that feeling, because if it vanishes, that’s a warning signal that you may be swerving into the path of a full-blown argument”

Know You Are on the Same Side in Your Relationship (same title as above, but different post) “If we find we are approaching things differently, or not immediately finding our way to understanding each other, we always know this is just a misunderstanding. We know that we will find agreement eventually. We use Our Process to find mutual solutions, but what enables us to do that, and to rest assured that we will find mutuality, is this underlying knowledge that we are on the same side.”

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