Successful Relationships Reading Corner

Successful Relationships Reading Corner

In this week’s blog we wrote about the importance of personal space in a relationship. Here are several articles with personal stories about that.

Forget sex, the secret to a long-lasting relationship is space “When our daughter was six months old and we were struggling with the pressures of being new parents, my partner Stephen asked me if he could join a mountaineering expedition to Pakistan.”

Suffocating in a Relationship? “Space issues plague just about every couple at one time or another. For many, it’s an ongoing source of contention. The most common sticking points are how much time to spend together, and how much physical affection feels right to each partner. But regardless of the details of the dispute, the same question is at the core of most of these conflicts: Where does the “us” end and the “I” begin? Experts agree that couples need to find a balance between togetherness and individuality.”

Why Space in a Relationship Is NOT a Bad Thing “When I was younger, I was guilty of smothering my boyfriends. I would jump into a relationship and leave me behind in the process. I would engage in their interests and activities, and forget to pursue my own path in life. I was always unhappy during these relationships. Now I know that when you are not being true to yourself and following your life purpose, you can’t feel anything but unhappy!”

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