Successful Relationships Reading Corner

Successful Relationships Reading Corner

This week, we asked how are you committed to behaving in your relationships? How are some blogs on positive behaviors in your relationships.

5 ways to create happy, harmonious relationships “In almost all of our long-term relationships (whether with partners, friends, family members or colleagues), our feelings can wax and wane. Even when we are deeply connected to another person, we can lose touch momentarily and when we’re not paying attention, greater divides can appear. Our brain’s negativity bias makes it easier to pay attention to the things that aren’t right in a relationship so we need to work harder to notice the positives. A psychologist friend of mine once suggested that the single factor that defines a good relationship from one that’s less likely to last the distance is the ability we have to turn toward one another when things are difficult.”

Harmony in a Relationship Does Not Require Agreement “Because we think of harmony as an agreement between two people, we spend our energy trying to agree on some version of what’s true. We fight until we determine a shared reality. Undoubtedly, agreeing with another person’s version of the truth, their ideas, values, and belief systems, certainly makes things easier in a relationship. But in fact, deep and lasting emotional, mental, and spiritual harmony requires something other than just agreeing on a shared experience. Harmony in a relationship means understanding; we don’t need to agree to be in harmony, but we do need to be willing to understand another person’s experience and actually hear their truth.”

How to Create Harmony in Relationships and Peace Within by Challenging Your Assumptions “Frustrated with colleagues? Disappointed by your partner? Annoyed with your mother? Or maybe you’re pleased with everyone in your life at the moment – in which case, congrats! Wherever you’re on the topic of relationships today, I welcome you to just take a moment to let any concerns fall away and just appreciate all that’s going right with the relationships in your life, all the harmony that’s already there. Sometimes we forget to really acknowledge ourselves for all the fun, connection, and flow we’ve already allowed into our lives and how beautiful that is.”

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