Successful Relationships Reading Corner

Successful Relationships Reading Corner

This week, we said you should choose total acceptance: it’s a radical way to peace and harmony. Here are some other authors who are writing on the benefits of total acceptance.

The 5 Radical Steps I Took To Save My Troubled Relationship “‘Andrea, just love him.’ These were the surprising, profound words a wise friend had for me when I called to consult her after having a particularly bad fight with my boyfriend (now husband), Sanjay. I suddenly realized the mistake I’d been making my entire life. I had been perpetuating the turmoil in our relationship by continuing to focus on Sanjay’s shortcomings and the challenges in our relationship.”

Total Acceptance: The Path of Genuine Transformation “Total Acceptance is such a powerful practice that its regular utilization in everyday life can profoundly and irreversibly transform our individual reality. What is Total Acceptance? It’s a state of the complete openness to any experience. It means to fully embrace all arising impressions, without a slightest inner resistance.”

Radical Acceptance: Definition, Skills, & Exercises “In this article, we will talk about what allows us to keep pain from transforming into suffering and helps us see reality as it is: radical acceptance. Radical acceptance is accepting what is not under your control and embracing what is happening now in a non-judgmental way. When you wholeheartedly and radically accept emotional or physical pain, it can reduce the suffering they cause.”

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