Successful Relationships Reading Corner

Successful Relationships Reading Corner

This week, we asked why balance is important in your relationships. Here are some writers expounding on different aspects of balance.

How to Maintain Balance in a Relationship: 10 Practical Ways “Knowing how to maintain balance is the key to having a healthy relationship where both partners feel comfortable and supported. A balanced relationship is built on trust, honesty, respect, and loyalty. Open communication is the watchword of most balanced relationships. Before the relationship can be successful, the partners must be committed to some extent. You must see yourself as an equal member and be treated the same way.”

Interdependence – Finding Balance & Harmony in Love “The healthiest way we can interact with those close to us is by being truly interdependent. This is where two people, both strong individuals, are involved with each other, but without sacrificing themselves or compromising their values. What they have is a balanced relationship, and unfortunately it is not all that common. But it is attainable with just a little awareness and understanding.”

How to balance responsibilities in your relationship “It’s critical to remember that a relationship is a blend of two unique people, both of whom need to be invested, flexible, and open to change for it to be successful. It’s your responsibility to ask for what you need and make space for it to be possible to help you, but it’s your partner’s responsibility to be open to listening and making changes when necessary. It isn’t your responsibility to single-handedly get your partner more invested in your relationship.”

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