Successful Relationships Reading Corner

Successful Relationships Reading Corner

This week, our blog topic was why sharing is so important in your relationships. Here are three blogs that speak to different elements of this topic.

How Self-Disclosure Impacts Relationships “Building a successful relationship involves a mutual give-and-take between partners. Self-disclosure may be more limited in the early stages of a new relationship, but part of the reason people grow closer and more deeply involved is that they become progressively more open to sharing with their partner. In order to build a deep and trusting relationship, some level of self-disclosure is necessary and the more intimate the relationship, the deeper this disclosure tends to be.”

The Importance of Emotional Intimacy “Emotional Intimacy is important to a healthy relationship because it allows partners to feel safe and secure in connection. It allows for a greater level of communication and understanding. When Emotional Intimacy is present, partners are more likely to feel satisfied and fulfilled in their relationship. However, Emotional Intimacy is not something that comes easily to everyone. It takes time and effort to build trust and understand each other’s needs. It is important to be open and honest with each other and to make an effort to understand the other person’s perspective.”

How to Share Your Feelings “You’ll have heard me mention before that sharing connects us as humans and opens the door to receiving the love, support, and guidance we need to heal and thrive. Sharing your feelings helps to nurture the authenticity, trust, and open communication that are so important for healthy relationships.”

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