Successful Relationships Reading Corner

Successful Relationships Reading Corner

This week, we continued our 5-part series with how to create peace instead of conflict in your relationships. Here are some writers discussing the issue of acceptance in relationships.

Creating a Resilient Relationship Through Acceptance ” Both self-acceptance and acceptance of our partner are connected; after all, how can we accept our partner and all their quirks if we can’t even accept our own? There are times when couples treat each other with such contempt, acting like enemies. In the midst of all this chaos, they forget they’re still on the same side of trying to create a harmonious life together. Couples get stuck in their pattern of hurting each other to the point that it creates such distance between them.”

5 Ways to Heal Your Relationship Through Acceptance “Working on accepting the many differences in your partner can be an emotionally beneficial exercise for both you and your partner. The practice of acceptance emancipates you from the stress and unhappiness of your futile efforts to change your partner. Once you relinquish trying to change or control your partner and accept your differences, not only will you feel relief, but your relationship will feel more peaceful and harmonious. Naturally, the concept of acceptance can be hard to come to terms with. For some people, it means giving up, complete inaction and/or enabling your partner’s differing choices, characteristics and behaviors. Yet, acceptance doesn’t have to be characterized that way. You can choose to define acceptance as a willingness to tolerate and even see the good in those behaviors you cannot change.”

The Power of Accepting your Relationship “It is often said that happiness comes from accepting our relationship. And most might agree that acceptance is necessary in relationships, BUT, the real question is: how do we get to that place of deepened acceptance in our relationship? This is a challenging topic. For some, acceptance may be a process over time while for others it may come a bit easier. Here are my thoughts on this challenging topic!”

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