Successful Relationships Reading Corner

Successful Relationships Reading Corner

This week, we wrote about how to strengthen your relationships with appreciation and acknowledgment. Here are three articles that offer suggestions on how to do that.

The Importance of Appreciation in a Relationship “Just how important is appreciation in a healthy relationship? “I feel, as human beings, we constantly crave for positive attention. And appreciating someone is the best way to go about doing it. The problem starts when we don’t even notice how we slipped into the habit of taking each other for granted and stopped caring for, and appreciating each other. This leads to other problems – arguments, frustration, resentment and suddenly we begin to wonder if this relationship is meant to work out.”

6 Small But Impactful Ways to Show Your Partner More Appreciation “Whatever the specifics of your last interaction, chances are very high that it was maaaybe more along the lines of “what do you want to eat for dinner tonight” than “you’re the best partner; I can’t even believe I get to do life with you; how did we get so lucky; hashtag blessed.” And listen: That’s normal! But it’s also worth noting that showing your partner more appreciation is one of the best and easiest ways to ensure that your relationship stays healthy and wonderful over time. Getting back to a place where you show your partner more gratitude on a consistent basis is a game-changer for intimacy and increased connection in a relationship over time.”

Cultivating Gratitude in Relationships: Why Appreciation Can Deepen Our Connections “Sometimes we take people for granted. We assume they’ll always be there, or we neglect to consider the effort and love they show us. The things they do for us may be smacking us right on the head, yet our mind wanders to how they could be doing more. Perhaps we look around us and see the relationships people have and daydream, thinking you wish your relationships were that way, too. This is the “grass is always greener” mindset… You once were ecstatic to meet this person or have this person in your life, but now it’s only a distant memory.”

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