Do You Want to Have Peace at the Heart of Your Relationships?

Do You Want to Have Peace at the Heart of Your Relationships?

Some weeks we sit down to write the blog and it just appears in front of us; all we have to do is find the right words. And some weeks, nothing appears; we plumb the depths of our relationship as it has been in the past week, and nothing jumps out except the sheer delight in our effortless connection, of the deep security and trust, and it feels like there is nothing more to say that hasn’t already been said a hundred times. So in this blog we’ve decided to talk about that.

We have spent much of this week apart. Maude was staying with the grandchildren while their parents were away at a wedding. Phil was absorbed in helping a fellow author prepare for a book launch. And yet when we came back together, it was as if no time had passed while we were apart. There is an ease with which we move in and out of changes together that comes of our way of being connected.

The consistency of how we are is remarkable. We read blogs or cards we’ve written to each other from a decade ago and marvel at how well they describe us today. Every time this happens, it reinforces the sense that we have tapped into a cosmic truth – sorry for the jargon – about relationships. In describing it we speak about stillness, openness, acceptance, and a deep respect for each other’s individuality. These things lead to a relaxation, a marvelous freedom to be ourselves with each other, with no sense of threat or need for defense. These descriptions are all part of the visceral experience of peace that we have that is formed by this different way of being together.

We practice a radically different way of relating that is open to everyone #peace #relationships Share on XMost of us have had all kinds of problems and struggles in our relationships. For us, the comparison to those earlier relationships shows us very clearly that we are now practicing a radically different way of relating.

You may be thinking that’s nice for them, but it’s not my experience of relationships. To that, we say that we have looked closely over many years of blogging, writing books and giving courses, and we are convinced that this is a possibility that is open to everybody, and to every relationship.

If you want to practice this other way of being together it is possible to transform your relationships. Finding your version of being together like this, living it and sharing it with others is the most powerful thing you can do to bring peace about, both in your own lives and in the greater community. You can make peace a living reality.

Trust and believe that it is possible to find another way to walk this path and to share it with others. Please join us in living this reality. We hope you will tune in every week for specifics on how you can do this.

A quote from our book How Two: Have a Successful Relationship:

Another important component to this experience is that once you believe it is possible, and know how to practice this process, you will still need to apply intention. It is your intention toward peaceful relating that will open the door for you and allow you to walk down this path. You can understand the practice, but it takes clear intention to succeed.

We believe that this is something that many couples can achieve, and we are convinced that it can be applied to all kinds of relationships as well. In fact, we are certain that we can change the world in this manner, spreading peace one relationship at a time.

Photo credit: unknown, with permission of the couple

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      Thank you. The couple is Dave and Chappel Holt. Artists, musicians, long time couple.

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