Successful Relationships Reading Corner

Successful Relationships Reading Corner

In this week’s blog, we talked about putting peace at the heart of your relationships. There are many different aspects to peace, both personal and social. Here are some examples that range widely across the spectrum.

Relationship Peace “Peace is not a consequence that automatically occurs because two people choose to enter into a human relationship like marriage or friendship. Without consistent effort any preference for peace will probably be overcome by the prevalence of problems. Genuine peace must be pursued with diligence and devotion.”

Peace in Relationship — a video. “Why find peace some day? The ability to access peace has always been with you.”

Societies within peace systems avoid war and build positive intergroup relationships “A comparative anthropological perspective reveals not only that some human societies do not engage in war, but also that peaceful social systems exist…. The mere existence of peace systems is important because it demonstrates that creating peaceful intergroup relationships is possible whether the social units are tribal societies, nations, or actors within a regional system. Peace systems have received scant scientific attention despite holding potentially useful knowledge and principles about how to successfully cooperate to keep the peace.”

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