Successful Relationships Reading Corner

Successful Relationships Reading Corner

This week’s blog discusses acceptance, compromise and active listening, so we’re offering some links with views on all three topics.

Is ‘Radical Acceptance’ the Key to a Lasting Relationship? “I believe radical acceptance is the key to making a relationship not only work — but thrive. It’s been the key to making my relationship with Sanjay incredibly deep and rewarding. So, what is radical acceptance? Radical acceptance means loving someone fully for who he or she really is — flaws, short-comings, weaknesses, warts, and all. It signifies loving someone without judgment. It is love filled with empathy and compassion.”

11 Ways That Active Listening Can Help Your Relationships “When you listen correctly, you also learn more…. Some individuals put on a blank stare that can only be described as their “screen-saver face” (in the words of one of my colleagues). You know what that screen-saver face looks like: it’s that blank stare in which the eyes are dull and looking blankly into nowhere and the face has absolutely no expression on it at all.”

The Hidden Cost of Too Much Compromise in Your Relationship “Who hasn’t heard about the importance of compromise in a relationship? But how often do we hear about the price that is paid for that compromise? In a relationship of significance, most people do things that are accommodating. But what happens when that behavior becomes passive behavior and is over-accommodating? What happens when you deny, suppress or repress a meaningful portion of yourself?”

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