Successful Relationships Reading Corner

Successful Relationships Reading Corner

In this week’s blog we discussed our unique perspective on Mutuality. Here are some articles presenting different but interesting perspectives.

Joanne Davila: Skills for Healthy Romantic Relationships This is a transcript of a TEDx talk. “Mutuality is about knowing that both people have needs and that both sets of needs matter. With mutuality, you’ll be able to convey your own needs in a clear, direct fashion that increases the likelihood that you’ll get them met.”

The Yoga of Relationships “When we learn to treat others with relational skillfulness, we are practicing yoga. The ultimate goal of Yoga is union—union with the divine essence in ourselves and in the world around us. Like a wave in the great ocean of existence, human beings have the capacity to melt our sense of separateness and experience oneness with everything and everyone.”

The Meaning of Mutuality This is an academic paper with a very fascinating treatment of mutuality “This paper explores relationships characterized by mutual intersubjectivity, in which individuals relate to one another based on an interest in each other as whole, complex people. Traditional psychoanalytic theory and object relations theory have emphasized a line of development marked by increasing internal structure, boundedness and use of the other as a need-gratifying “object.” Today, many women are concerned with growth through relationships founded on mutuality.”

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