Successful Relationships Reading Corner

Successful Relationships Reading Corner

This week we wrote that finding balance in a relationship is challenging for some people because of the different habits that each has developed through experience. Here are some other authors writing about how to handle differences.

We’re Total Opposites! Can Our Relationship Work? “You’re in love with your total opposite. Is this your true love? Can your relationship last forever? Do you guys stand a chance? You’ve heard “opposites attract” and you’ve definitely felt that attraction, but you can’t deny how opposite you are either. (Your friends and family constantly remind you…) Then, maybe in quiet moments, the nagging questions creep in…”

11 Hints for Resolving Relationship Irritations “Dirty socks left on the floor — the fifth time this week — texting during your dinner date, forgetting to take the trash out — again — and what seems like endless interruptions when you talk. These are just some of the irritations couples deal with on a day-to-day basis. But while we’re taught not to sweat the small stuff and to pick our battles, it’s these tiny transgressions that can build and become big stumbling blocks in a relationship.”

Can You and Your Partner Agree to Disagree? “In my 30-plus years of doing therapy, I’ve found that helping couples learn to truly accept their inevitable dissimilarities—and to take them in stride—serves not only to protect marital harmony in situations of potential conflict but, even more, to help the relationship reach its full potential.”

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