Successful Relationships Reading Corner

Successful Relationships Reading Corner

This week, we wrote about how your relationships can be a dynamic force for spreading peace. Here are some sources with ideas for how you can do that.

How to Find Inner Peace by Resolving Conflicting Feelings “One of the more difficult challenges of being human is the difference between us and ourselves. So many conflicting feelings and thoughts can be churning within us at any given time. For instance, you can be truly happy for a friend who just found the love of her life, and also be a little miffed that she no longer has time for you—and that you still haven’t found your perfect relationship. Or you can be thrilled about the great job promotion that you’ve worked hard to achieve, yet also feel guilty that you’ve been working too many hours and missing your kids.”

Inner Peace through Inner Ease “There are many helpful suggestions and paths for creating peace. More people are realizing that peace is first an “inside job.” At HeartMath, we have found that creating inner peace often starts with practicing what we call “inner ease”. HeartMath founder Doc Childre developed a science-based “Inner Ease” technique to help people experience living more from a state of ease.”

Ten ways you can promote peace “1. Develop your understanding of the frames of mind that promote conflict and violence against another group: a) The perception that another group threatens our well-being b) A sense of uncertainty about our safety and security c) The belief that our own group is superior to another group.”

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