Successful Relationships Reading Corner

Successful Relationships Reading Corner

This week, we wrote about what we have learned about peace and harmony through our relationship. Here are some other blogs we have written that expand on different aspects of having a peaceful, harmonious relationship.

Why You Benefit From Both Separation and Connection in Your Relationships “This is a perfect example of what we refer to as one of the cornerstones of harmonious peaceful relationships, the element of individuality within a relationship; the trick of remaining an individual while being in union. This same applies in various degrees to all relationships, often within families and even friendships. The more you know yourself, the easier it is to practice the respect and honoring of others’ individuality.”

Total Acceptance From the Heart is How You Create Peace in Your Relationship “But I don’t want to convey the message that a successful relationship requires a long apprenticeship, because what Maude and I have is an attitude, and I see no reason why it cannot be adopted by anyone at any age. It starts from the understanding that we are two completely separate individuals. My desires, pleasures, thoughts and worries are not hers, even though there is much overlap. It is where they don’t overlap that the differences stand out.”

What are the Characteristics that Create a Sense of Peace in Relationships? “When your relationship is peaceful and harmonious, you remain connected whether you are together or apart. There is never any sense of disconnection. With full acceptance (pretty much a prerequisite of a peaceful relationship), you never feel a need to leave in order to protect your individual identity. Neither does your partner, so disconnection never occurs, and the struggle of reconnecting is not necessary.”

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