Month: September 2013

Mental Orgasms

Fascinating NYTimes article, I’ll Have What She’s Thinking, on the ability of women to have spontaneous orgasms.
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Two Aspects of Tranquility

Nearly every night we retire early enough to have time with each other.It may be conversation, the crossword or a movie, but whatever we choose, it acts as a zone of tranquility that restores us to the center. I attribute this in large part to how we speak, of which there are two parts.
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Meditation 8

The road in passes through the emotions. It is necessary to experience them directly, to feel the anger, pain, or loss directly, without any interpretation, explanation or labeling. As the emotions cease,you are left in the state of pure being – simply sitting.
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Turn Those Little Irritations Into Opportunities for Growth!

In our article on Acceptance, we talk about the spectrum of acceptance and that it helps to look at how important things are that bother us. On one end of the spectrum, there are the things which really represent our core values; the things that carry the most meaning for us.
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Meditation 7

We usually understand ourselves and the world through our mind. We use thoughts and words for this to great effect; so great that we easily assume that the whole world is amenable to such analysis. But thought is only a thin skin on the brain; beneath it are the feelings, instincts, intuition and knowledge of two billion years of life.
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