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Here are some writings on little white lies. There are lots of different view on this issue. What do you think? Leave a comment.

White Lies: This cover the types of white lies, the reasons for them, their impact, and how to detect white lies.
10 Ways Little White Lies are Slowly Ruining Your Life: Why little white lies are not that white and not that little.
The truth about little white lies: Why they’re actually more dangerous than you think: Research shows that “all forms of lying—including white lies meant to spare the feelings of others—are associated with poorer-quality relationships.”
Why Those Little White Lies Do More Damage Than You Think: One thing we deceive ourselves about is that we’re lying to protect others’ feelings. That’s not usually true. We often lie because we want another person to love us.


booksWe pick out and share with you various articles and blogs on relationships written by a wide variety of authors in the field.

We’ve been writing about core values, and found some really good posts for the Reading Corner for this week:

The Love Doctor on Archetype, Core Values and Relationships

What Core Values Mean to Love

Understanding Your Core values in Relationships

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