Successful Relationships Reading Corner

Successful Relationships Reading Corner

This week, we wrote about why creating mutual solutions in your relationships brings peace and joy. We have a particular process for this, but here are some articles that talk about it from different points of view.

How to Foster Mutual Understanding with Your Partner “Avoid blaming, and focus on problem-solving. While it may seem like a perfect opportunity to use your time to speak as a way to talk about what your partner “should” or “ought” to do, this is not a forum for blaming. Avoid using labels that will simply incite anger. By coming up with possible solutions to the problem at hand, you are more likely to find mutual understanding. You and your partner are simply that—partners. When people encounter problems, it is important to focus on the possible solutions, rather than trying to prove who is wrong or right.”

How to Improve Your Relationships With Effective Communication Skills “Remember that the goal of effective communication skills should be mutual understanding and finding a solution that pleases both parties, not “winning” the argument or “being right.”

Equal Partnership Through Mutual Attunement and Mutual Decision-Making “Research denotes that couples that have mutual influence in their relationship, respect both partners’ opinions as valid, are both responsible for making final Merri-Lu Jackman Brigham Young University 1 Jackman: Equal Partnership Through Attunement and Decision-Making Published by BYU ScholarsArchive, 2020 decisions, followed by both partners supporting the decisions, experience greater connection and happiness in their marriage (LeBaron et al., 2014; Leonhardt et al., 2019; Jensen et al., 2013).”

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