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7 Ways to be Present With Your Partner

Are you sleep-walking through your relationship or are you actually present?
Do you and your partner really talk to and hear each other, or are you just occupying the same space?
Is your mind filled with what happened in the past or worries about what is going to happen in the future?
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How to Improve Your Relationship With Active Listening

Often when asked about the important factors to relationship success, we mention active listening. Many people may not really understand what this is. In short, it’s how to really hear what the other person is saying. You might think you do that all the time already, but odds are you can do better.
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How to Transform Your Relationship and Live in the Present

In order to experience the kind of peace filled and passionate relationships we describe, it is necessary to go through a transformation. But what do we mean by this kind of transformation and how do you get there?
It is an experience that, however subtly, actually changes your viewpoint.
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How to Maintain Sacred Space in a Relationship

In last week’s blog we discussed what sacred space is in a relationship. In short, it’s time set aside without any outside distractions when you can enjoy each other’s company and reconnect emotionally. There are still a number of questions to be looked at.
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What is Sacred Space in a Relationship?

I so look forward to the time when we come together at night. It is a counter to the noise of the world; it cleanses my soul of the grime of the day. I am no longer pulled by the obligations of the world; I float unbuffeted by them. 
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How to Avoid Loss of Intimacy

Intimacy. That all important element that is the life blood of all successful relationships. We all start out relationships experiencing the intimacy of coming together, of getting to know each other and of making those special connections that lead to commitment and love.
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For a Successful Relationship, Appreciate Your Partner

We’re sure that when you first met your partner, there were many things that you appreciated, and you’ve probably noticed many more since then. But it’s very easy to get used to them little by little until they blend into the backdrop of life.
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You Need to Know Yourself to Have a Good Relationship

Know yourself, or Thy Self as it were, has been proclaimed by philosophers and religions for thousands of years. A simple enough truth, and yet one that often eludes us. If we had to give one factor that is critical to a successful relationship, it would be that you need to do whatever work on yourself is necessary to understand your responses and behaviors.
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Relationship Reading Corner

We pick out and share with you various articles and blogs on relationships written by a wide variety of authors in the field.
Here are our picks for the Reading Corner for this week:
Why Be Present
The Power of Emotional Presence in Relationships
The Importance of Presence in a Relationship
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