Month: August 2013

Meditation 6

I was sitting once when I had a sudden sense that I was the breath. Several sits later, that experience remained. An image that came to mind was of two fields separated by a wire fence; one the field of thought, and one the field of being.
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The Golden Rule

Dear Maude,
I like your AAA Post – that we all want to be accepted, appreciated and acknowledged.
You hint in the title “Do Unto Others…” of a necessary symmetry, which is, of course, the golden rule: do as you would be done by.
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Do Unto Others…

We all yearn to be accepted for who we really are. We all feel best when acknowledged for our true person. The more we are actually familiar with who we are, the more we appreciate others recognizing that as well.
In any relationship, the strongest glue that brings union between people is to be accepted for who we are, to be appreciated for who we are, and to be acknowledged for who we are.
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Meditation 5

Descartes said “I think, therefore I am”, and elevated the mind, the user of words, to the primary way of knowing. But if I do not think, does it follow that I do not exist? Of course not. And what kind of knowing exists there?
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What a Good Relationship Needs

It seems we’re both reaching the conclusion that you must have worked* on yourself before you can achieve a conflict-free relationship. And what does “work” mean? It means

Using self reflection to know yourself.
Being able to step back and look at how you interact with the world, rather than just reflexively acting.
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What Gets Under Your skin About Your Partner?

What is it that gets under your skin about your partner? What are the little annoying things that you keep stumbling over? What causes those out of sync episodes, that so often can turn into arguments and real breaches between you and your partner?
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Each Partner Needs to Accept the Other

I understand where you’re coming from on this, but my first reaction was whether our visitors would. Then I thought about why they might not get it, and decided that would be for one of two reasons: they can’t find it in themselves, or they can’t see it in their partner.
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Acceptance is Not About Compromise

Often when people think about the issue of acceptance, they think it is about compromise. I am not berating compromise or its benefits, just pointing out that what we are discussing is a different path. This path is not about compromise, or about giving up on some part of yourself, your wants and perhaps even needs.
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Acceptance after Conflict

Couple glaring at each other

Hi sweetie,
I thought it would be useful to describe the context of “intention to accept” that you blogged about.
We were discussing how easy it is for us to come together and be open to each other, and attributed this to not feeling threatened or at risk, but then the question arose of whether that was possible in a relationship with a past of conflict and betrayal.
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Intention Toward Peace and Acceptance Within a Relationship

In our talk over the last few days, an element of our discussion on acceptance has caught my attention and I keep thinking about it. The other night when we were sharing about this topic, you mentioned how it takes intention to be accepting.
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