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How to Transform Your Relationship and Have Fun

We are back from our magical anniversary trip and it was even more than we had hoped for! Our plan for not having a plan worked out really well for us and led to some funny and glorious adventures!
We also had an experience which we think is worth sharing with all of you, and which might help some of you who are ready to recognize the possibility for changing patterns that aren’t working in your relationship, and how to do it.
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The Challenge of Accepting My Partner’s Approach to Illness

Hi, Maude here. I’ve been facing some challenges to our usually very easy practice of total acceptance in this last period of time.
What is this issue that has been so difficult for me? Healthcare and how Phil and I differ on how to deal with illness.
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How To Avoid Compromise in Your Relationship

“Oh, what I do to keep peace in my relationship!” This was the frequent refrain of a dear friend, and when asked further what he meant by that, he explained “Well it seems I’m always giving something up to keep my partner happy.
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Successful Relationships Reading Corner

This week’s blog is about how to reach a mutual solution in your relationship. It’s the third of three posts on the spectrum of acceptance. Here are some articles covering how to resolve differences with your partner.
Solve Tough Dilemmas With the Win-Win Waltz This is by Susan Heitler, who we greatly respect for her position on conflicts.
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How to Reach a Mutual Solution in Your Relationship The Spectrum of Acceptance Part 3

We’re coming up to fourteen years together, and it’s still such an easy relationship. That’s because we want to be in a relationship and we want it to be easy. Let’s look at those separately. Firstly, why do we, or you, or anybody want to be in a relationship?
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How to Solve Differences From a Place of Mutuality

This morning we were at our local breakfast nook working on blog topics. We each shared ideas about a possible topic, and some tensions arose unexpectedly. Maude wanted to continue last week’s theme of peace, and Phil wanted a different topic for variety.
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Five FREE Days of “How Two: Have a Successful Relationship”

We are pleased to offer the ebook for “How Two: Have a Successful Relationship” for FREE today 10/19 through 10/23 midnight Pacific time.
This is a wonderful opportunity for you to read the full details of Our Process as summarized in last week’s blog.
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Successful Relationships Reading Corner

In this week’s blog, we write about the fundamental requirement for finding mutual decisions and solving problems in relationships. These links are about how couples can deal with relationship problems.
Equal Partnerships: What Do They Really Consist Of? “When you see some couples that seem happier, more balanced and equitable than others, do you ever wonder: What do they know that I don’t?
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Be Creative With Your Relationship Problems

We are often asked if we don’t really fight, sometimes at least; if there aren’t times and places where we compromise to get peace in our relationship or yield to our partner to make them feel good. They ask “No storms?” or wonder if we’re suppressing our feelings.
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