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Why We Don’t Argue

The other night I remarked on the fact that we never feel in conflict with each other, and that this reflects a choice we’ve both made, just like neither of us watch stock car racing, because we don’t enjoy it.
There are two ways to look at someone who does get into conflicts.
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What a Good Relationship Needs

It seems we’re both reaching the conclusion that you must have worked* on yourself before you can achieve a conflict-free relationship. And what does “work” mean? It means

Using self reflection to know yourself.
Being able to step back and look at how you interact with the world, rather than just reflexively acting.
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Each Partner Needs to Accept the Other

I understand where you’re coming from on this, but my first reaction was whether our visitors would. Then I thought about why they might not get it, and decided that would be for one of two reasons: they can’t find it in themselves, or they can’t see it in their partner.
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Acceptance after Conflict

Hi sweetie,
I thought it would be useful to describe the context of “intention to accept” that you blogged about.
We were discussing how easy it is for us to come together and be open to each other, and attributed this to not feeling threatened or at risk, but then the question arose of whether that was possible in a relationship with a past of conflict and betrayal.
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Acceptance is not “Putting Up With”

We talk a lot about acceptance, but people often reject it because they take it to mean “having to put up with“, so I want to examine in more detail how and where it applies.
The acceptability of actions lies on a spectrum, but let’s divide that into three.
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