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Successful Relationships Reading Corner

In this week’s blog we wrote about how to reach mutual solutions in your relationship. These articles address various aspects of finding solutions and doing so without compromising.
Want a great marriage? Don’t compromise. “I define compromise as each party going away equally unhappy.
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How to Reach Mutual Solutions in Your Relationship

We don’t argue. We don’t compromise. We don’t suppress our feelings. And we always find a solution to issues that works for both of us. Unlikely as that may sound, it’s been true for the dozen years we’ve known each other, and we’ve spent a lot of time examining why.
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We’re All One Family – Let’s Act Like One

Family. Our parents, our children, our siblings. Then there are cousins, aunts, nephews. Perhaps you shared turkey with them last Thursday.
Or maybe you are estranged from your relatives, and have made your own family; people you can share your fears and dreams with, people you can call on to help out, people with whom you celebrate milestones.
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Acceptance Does Not Mean Compromise

Often when people think about the issue of acceptance, they think it is about compromise. Compromise is an act of giving up something to get something else. It assumes that there are different sides, and that one must settle in order to avoid conflict.
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